The Duchess of the Middle Ages. One of the most important commercial and Venetian central ports of the East. A historical region which exclaims its history with its Venetian castle of 1250, with its ancient artifacts of which are displayed in the garden of Agios Charalambos Church, of which in the past was a Venetian temple, and afterwards a mosque with the Royal church.

Also, inside the castle, an old-calendar women’s monastery of Honorable Ioanni of Prodromou is found which was established in 1918 by the scholar Theodoulo. Underneath the castle, the Mother Mary of Eleistria is found in a mosque made out of palm trees. At this location, statuettes of the Crucified, of Mother Mary and of the Evangelist Louka are found. Underneath the Eleistra the beautiful beach of Zaga-Memi is located.