A Byzantine era lighthouse, the town is a medieval creation and retains an intense traditional colour. Androusa Castle: It is mentioned that the Androusa Castle is the work of William II of Villehardouin, who built it in the middle of the 13th century; it is said that during the Venetian occupation it was like an entire town, since the place was inhabited by 14,000 people. Andromonastiro: It is not inhabited, and is one of the most important Byzantine monuments of Messinia.

The area produces 500 tons of figs annually. The Municipal seat is also home to one of the most important medieval castles of Peloponnesus. It was built during the mid-13th century, and it was an even more important castle than that of Kalamata. Androusa is 21 km away from Kalamata, 11 km from Messini, and 11 km from Ancient Messini.